Fine Art Float Frame

Fine Art Float Frame

Printed with a Cotton Smooth finish, a white based subtly textured fine art print. The Fine Art Float Frame is a multi-level framed wall print with a protective acrylic. A choice of 6 frame colours is available with subtle grained wood effect.

Fine Art Float2
Faff Almond


Faff Ash


Faff Charcoal


Faff Chestnut


Faff Oak


Faff Silver Birch


All sizes refer to the print size. Smaller prints will have a surrounding border of 1" and then the frame; larger prints will have a surrounding border of 2" and then the frame.

Faff Moulding

Frame Dimensions

Only a limited number of sizes are available and unfortunately there are no options online for the 2x1 and 3x1 panoramic images.  

Example Prices

  • 6x6" - £104 + P+P
  • 8x10" - £125 + P+P
  • 8x12" - £145 + P+P
  • 12x12" - £166 + P+P
  • 16x20" - £236 + P+P
  • 20x20" - £274 + P+P

A list of available sizes from my photo lab (print size).

6x6", 10x4", 8x6", 10x5", 8x8", 10x8", 10x10", 17x5", 12x8", 14x8", 12x12", 16x12", 26x7", 20x12", 16x16", 26x11", 20x16", 20x20", 25x15", 25x19"

The sizes in bold are available online for many images. Other images will require cropping to fit the available frames and these can be ordered by special request at pro-rata rates - please add your chosen image to your lightbox and use the "Request a quotation" link detailing your requirements.