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This website is not a source of free images and none of the images on display are in the public domain. All images are Copyright © 1992-2016 David Robertson / |PLUS|01-AA-641| All rights reserved.

All images and image metadata are Copyright © and are the property of the photographer, David Robertson, and no image (or part of) may be used without his written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, copying, duplicating, publishing (even on a web site), reproducing, storing in a retrieval system, transmitting by any means whatsoever and editing or removal of metadata. The images of Photographer David Robertson are protected by both national and international copyright laws and treaties. I make my living by licensing the right to use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes in advertising, editorial, graphic design, multimedia, and many other types of usages. None of the images on this website are in the public domain, or may be used for any purpose whatsoever without the prior payment of a copyright license fee for the specific usage and the issuance of a written license by David Robertson for the specific usage. This website is not a source of free images. You can acquire a copyright license via this website and download images in minutes for commercial or non-commercial reproductions subject to my Terms and Conditions and my Sensitive Usages policy.  It is illegal to copy or use portions of my images whether by downloading, scanning, digital reproduction, or as reference for another illustration. Likewise, incorporating all or part of an image in another image, or removing or altering the image metadata constitutes an infringement of copyright. Changing an image does not make it yours. The original image, however modified or distorted, is still protected by copyright. Infringement of copyright is a serious offence, subject to extremely severe penalties under law. Be safe, if you want to use someone else's image, get the permission of the copyright owner - in writing - before using the image in any manner or making any copy or derivative use. For further information on copyright please refer to the following sources:

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

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